Frequently asked questions

What is an Unconference anyway?

An 'unconference' is a gathering which aims to provide an open and creative conversation on a topic of mutual interest to surface their collective knowledge, share ideas and insights, and gain a deeper understanding of the subject and the issues involved. It is unlike a normal conference, there is no pre-planned agenda, no central organization, no fixed speakers, and no eye-watering price tag!

How does London Ruby Unconference work?

But surely that'll never work? Well, you might think that, but there is already a very long list of very successful unconferences. In London, we have XP Day and the LJC Open Conference, and outside London, the SoCraTes (un)conference, to name but three. More famous examples include BarCamp (worldwide) and even UKGovCamp!

What are the rules to participate?

* There aren't many rules. * You must be nice to everyone. Yes, everyone. Even if you don't agree with them! * There are no presenters at Unconference, only participants * There are no spectators at Unconference, only participants * Everyone is here to learn, and to contribute * You must not use the Unconference to try and sell products or recruit people, this is an open space for people to learn together, not a sales presentation or a founder-dating event

Un-rules, or expected behaviours

These aren't rules, per se, but they are things that you should expect: * Expect to talk about Unconference outside of the event * Expect to blog/tweet/post on social media about Unconference * The 'law of two feet' applies: if you're not getting or adding value at a session, expect to get up and walk to a different one * Expect to have your point-of-view challenged (respectfully) * Expect to have to explain the 'why', and to talk about the meta around things that you may take for granted in your usual workplace/community

Where do I sign up?

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